There’s nothing as elegant and comfortable as the look of a newly installed floor.

At JMR Home you have several flooring choices: Harwood, carpets, tile, laminate and engineered.

Walk into the JMR Home improvement experience and let our experts take your home sophistication to the next level.

With terrific appearance, this is arguably the most beautiful and enduring flooring option.

A long-lasting flooring, moisture resistant and easy to clean

It adds long-term value to your home and is ideal for moist places

It provides a comfortable, safe, and noise-free home.


We inspect the subfloor and make the necessary preparations.

We install the floorboards tightly, leaving the right amount of space for expansion and contraction.

We patch imperfections with wood filler and sand the floor three times for evenness.

The flooring will be cleaned before applying the stain, and three coats of poly and a buffering in between coats will be applied for a smooth surface.

Finally, you inspect the job to ensure your complete satisfaction with the work.