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Types of floors and how to care for them - JMR Home Services
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Types of floors and how to care for them

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Wood floors

This type of floor is perfect to give your home a classic look. Wood finishing is not only very attractive and enduring; it offers you a variety of possibilities. Depending on the color tone and quality you’re looking for, you can choose among different types of wood, like pinewood, walnut, oak, and cherry wood, among others.

Wood is a perfect fit in bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms. You should avoid using it in bathrooms and kitchens, because it’s not very practical in moist environments.

Care: To keep the wood like new you need to sweep or vacuum your hardwood floor often. Prevent scratches by putting plastic protectors on your furniture legs. Use special wood cleaning products and special oils and waxes to polish it.

Laminate floors

This type of floor gives you the same effect as wood (or very similar) and it is advisable for high-traffic spaces where resilient flooring is a must. The material used is essentially plastic and is manufactured with several layers to make it stronger. The best of all is that it allows for different kinds of finishing, imitating ceramics, wood, or stone.

Care: To care for your laminate flooring it’s necessary to sweep or vacuum it often. Use protectors on your furniture legs to prevent scratches and use water or regular floor cleaning products to clean it.

Ceramic tile floors

Ceramic floors are among the most popular choice and are also one of the oldest types of flooring. They are characterized by their elegance and quality. They give you a sophisticated and enduring style. They come in an incredibly wide variety of tones, styles, and textures, giving your imagination thousands of choices to choose from.

Care: Sweep or vacuum it regularly to remove dust. Clean it with a damp mop, at least once a week. Use special cleaners.

Carpeted floors

Carpeting is the softest, most colorful, and most comfortable option. It offers a great variety of colors and designs. Additionally, it’s easy and quick to install, and it gives your home a warm environment. Depending on the carpet you choose, you can get different styles, from elegant and sober, to modern and cozy.

There are also options with recycled and renewable materials for those who are into taking care of the environment.

Care: Vacuum the high-traffic areas on a daily basis as well as all the spaces once a week. Remove stains or dry up any liquid spills right away. Clean using materials specially designed for carpets.

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