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How to use the violet color - JMR Home Services
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How to use the violet color

By 9 May, 2018 No Comments

Violet is a fascinating color. It evokes elegance and style, particularly when you’re looking for the ideal colors to decorate some space. From its darker tones to the lighter pastel tones like the lilac, violet adapts easily to any environment. If you share the taste for this color, here you’ll find some tips on how to use it properly:

1.Violet’s perfect blend of blue and red is thought to represent both masculinity and femininity. It creates balanced environments, so it is suitable for spaces shared by both genders, such as bedrooms. Additionally, it gives spaces an air of mystery that makes them really interesting.

2.In the spaces where you choose to use violet (more of blue pigment than red), you will perceive more coolness and relaxation. If you choose purple (more of red pigment than blue), the environment will be perceived as more vital and active.

3.Any of the colors that you choose in this spectrum tends to be pretty dark. Therefore, it’s convenient to limit their use to one single wall instead of a whole room, and use lighter colors on the rest of the walls and the ceiling to illuminate the space and compensate for the amount of light the color will absorb inside the room. The other two options to use violet in a balanced way are by adding it in accessories such as cushions, bedspreads, linen, pillow covers, painting frames, or simply by applying it in full on the walls, in lighter tones like lavender, lilac, or malva.  

4.Violet can be used in professional spaces as well, as it conveys a certain connotation of authority and resolution. In older times, it was a color directly associated with kings and rulers, and later to characters in high ecclesiastical positions.

5.If you want to produce a contrast in the decoration, you can combine the violet or purple with its opposite in the color chart: the yellow. You’ll get an eye-pleasing explosion of color as long as you don’t use them in excess. Use either of them on the walls and the other one in accessories, and combine them with a neutral color like gray. You’ll be delighted at how bright and lively the environment will look like, communicating vitality, style, and elegance at the same time.

Go ahead and use violet, and not only in the spaces we have suggested! It also looks great in bathrooms (as an alternative to blue), and in dining rooms. Just make sure to pick the right tone you’ll be using and review the tips we have given you here. We hope you obtain the result you wish!

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