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Prepare your home to receive the spring

By 1 May, 2018 No Comments

Spring it is more than just a season, it’s the time to enjoy every moment. To enjoy this new season, we present you some ideas for a deep cleaning.

Air out and organize:

Start opening all the windows to let the air flow inside the house and refresh all the rooms. Then prepare all the tools that you could need to begin with the cleaning (brushes, rags, sponges, gloves, bags for garbage, etc)

Plan your cleaning by zones, start with the spaces that aren’t cleaned daily, in the high spots such as closets dust will fall to the ground and it will be easier to pick up everything.

Organize creating harmony

Having our home organized achieves a harmony and balance that flows around us to create welfare in our lives. Get rid of everything you don’t use anymore, clean room corners, the space will look much more harmonious. Finally, don’t stress yourself, take your time for cleaning.

Go for natural products

Products like vinegar, baking soda, salt and lemon are essential for an ecological cleaning, for that reason, make sure to have them at home, they have the advantage of being ecological. In difficult cases, you can use stronger products with chemical components, use them following the instructions and never mix them together.

Install cooler carpets


It’s time to replace the old and thick carpets for cooler ones, like those made of plant fibers. When you are ready to store the winter carpets, we recommend you spray them with baking soda and let it stand for 15 minutes. Afterwards, vacuum them; in that way, they will be clean and free of parasites and bad smells. Store the carpets rolled up so they won’t deform. Also remember that JMR Home Services is expert in carpet care.

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