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Yellow, the color of happiness

By 26 April, 2018 No Comments

Yellow color has this wonderful attribute to transmit energy. It’s a color typified by overflowing joy; a reflection of those sunny days that make us want to get outside, change environments, spend some time with our family. A bouquet of yellow flowers awake happiness and a bunch of yellow balloons invite to festivity and celebration.

Yellow color is associated to order and appearance. It improves our judgement and helps us be more careful about what we do. When we move to a new home, for instance, it’s a good idea to have a room painted yellow; our brain will feel more comfortable with the color of the place and the ideas about how to arrange it will flow smoothly. We will also feel a desire to leave everything clean and neat because of the vitality that yellow color generates.

On the other hand, yellow helps us make decisions. It makes it easier to build well-supported criteria. With regards to decor, yellow is eye-catching. Any yellow object will be the center of attention. Another characteristic of the yellow color is that it can increase a person’s appetite as it sends hunger signals to the brain. That’s why most big fast food restaurant chains use this color in their advertising, and in the decor elements of their business premises.

Finally, a word of warning. As you know, anything used or done in excess may turn harmful. In the case of the yellow color, its overuse can have a disturbing effect. It may produce headaches and dizziness due to the strong brain activity it generates. Too much yellow can result in a loss of concentration and makes it difficult to complete a task. Thus, we recommend that you use it in a balanced way.

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