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3 Decor styles for your home

By 6 April, 2018 No Comments

Your home decor tells a lot about you; your way of being and your taste. Even the smallest detail reveals something about your personality. This is why, the style you give to your home is a very important issue to take into account. Alll analysis and consideration must be given as it’s the place you return to at the end of the day looking for some rest and relaxation. The least you deserve is to make it of your entire satisfaction. Here we show you some décor trends that will give you some ideas to choose the style that better suits you.


The Hygge or Scandinavian style is characterized by its light colors pallete: whites, beige, and grays. The resulting atmosphere is comfortable, natural, and straightforward. Its furniture involves simple shapes, smooth contours, and a nearly rustic style. The Hygge style creates a relaxing environment that allows you to enjoy the little pleasures of life. This type of style expresses well-being.


This type of decoration revolves around nature. Peacefulness and harmony are key elements in every detail. The rustic style intends to recreate the atmosphere of a country house combined with a modern, vintage-style touch. The color pallete is made up of white, beige, and wood with smooth touches of lilac and light yellow. Its furniture is usually made of wood, stone, clay, and natural fibers (cotton, yarn, wool, or linen). Plants are essential to decorate tables, windows, pieces of furniture, and corners.


The Nordic style features simple, linear, and minimalist shapes. It’s a very subtle type of decoration where less is more. The furniture structures are at sight and prevailing material is wood. Style’s main purpose is enhancing brightness at all cost; therefore, using too many curtains on the windows is completely forbidden. White is the style’s color signature, and it’s used on walls, furniture, accessories, and even the floor. Beige and grey are complementary colors, usually used in lamps or painting frames.

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