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No matter whether you’ve implemented or not the latest home decoration trends and how contemporary your house and furniture are.  You can always make the best to provide that cozy and nice setting you want for your family and friends during Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Our home is the place where we gather to share memorable moments with our loved ones and friends.  Picking the right paint color is essential for the harmony, sense of family spirit and unity we’re all looking for.

Experts in decoration usually advise to use different color hues for each of our main home spaces.  Just follow these simple ideas and show off in front of everybody:

  • Front Door: Change the color paint of your front door for a welcoming color like cheery yellow, dove gray or true red. This is the easiest way to get immediate curb appeal.
  • Foyer: Paint your foyer and entryways with a bright and warm color of your taste since they catch your guests’ first impressions.
  • Living Room: Impregnate more character to your living room by painting it with purple haze if you like an extravagant spirit, a burnt orange if you prefer an authentic look or ebony for a more intimate feel.
  • Dining Room: Add some fun to your dining room by creating good color contrast. From Grenada green and paprika, to inner glow and silver; it all depends on your furniture and the colors that you like the most.
  • Kitchen: Dare to use bright blue and red paints in your kitchen cabinets and a soothing gray or bay leaf green in the large spaces if your style is contemporary. Kitchens don’t have to be dull anymore, for a more lively look, try playing around with similar color hues such as super white, silky white, white tie or Swiss coffee.
  • Small Spaces: Using mirrors and white color paint isn’t the only way to enlarge small spaces; experts recommend creating zones for different activities in the house, such as sleeping, working, relaxing and eating. Each of these zones can be painted with appropriated color hues.
  • Bathroom: There’s always a right shade waiting in the wings that brightens up your day or frees you from stress.
  • Bedroom: Build an elegant retreat, feel revitalized after a whole night sleep and fall asleep faster by getting the right color paint for your bedroom. Even if you go for wall patterns, wood veneers or single-color walls; the most important is how relaxing your bedroom’s atmosphere is for you.

Professional decorators also recommend adding an accent wall to give depth, highlight a home space and change its feel; which in turn creates an instant visual impact and enliven home residents’ life.

Other transformations can be done to accessories, home lighting, furniture painting and distribution. Plants can be introduced or curtains can be changed for modern and colorful blinds; it all depends on personal taste.

Despite what most people thing, beautifying your home isn’t an expensive task. It’s always possible to redo your home spaces, even if you don’t hire an interior decoration expert.

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